American/Canadian Champion Showline’s Storytime
“American/Canadian Champion Showline’s Storytime”

The beginning of Storybook Boxers was “Story”. In 1989, with a taste in our mouths for showing in conformation and enjoying the friends we would meet each weekend in different parts of the country and Canada, we decided to jump into the breed with both feet. We started looking for a foundation bitch which Skip could handle and show to her championship, and which we could then breed. We wanted a beautiful bitch that was well bred, and for sale with “no strings” attached. We quickly learned how few and far between they were, in addition since we were novices it made it that much more difficult.

Just when we were about to give up our two-year search, along came “Story” with her storytelling eyes and her kind heart. She won us over with just one look. She was from a beautiful litter of four. You know how it goes, when you least expect it, there it is. That’s what happened on the show grounds in Iowa City, Iowa, that Sunday, as we were packing up to head back home. A handler friend and his wife, Dave and Cindy Gray, asked if we were still looking for a flashy brindle bitch, and if so, come take a look at this one. Well that was the beginning of our story.

Skip handled her to her championship in the US and in Canada. In fact, she finished in a three-day weekend in Winnipeg with a Group 1. That Group win made her eligible for the “Canadian Classic” which was an invitational show to group winners in Canada. Three weeks into whelp, Skip showed her at that gallant affair and garnered a Group Three, with the only working group bitch invited to that invitational.

She went on to whelp a beautiful litter of six, sired by American/Canadian Champion Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM, LOM. Three in that litter finished their American championships, two of them from the puppy class, all handled by Skip.


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